At Q-breaks, we’re putting a new spin on vacationing by offering exciting, adventurous getaways! Sure it’s nice to go on an amazing extended holiday, but we understand with all of life’s challenges, it’s not always possible. Besides, why take one long holiday when you can take many mini trips throughout the year? It could even work out to be cheaper too!
When you’re caught up in the daily grind, a short break could be the perfect solution to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to face the world again! At Q-breaks, we strive to make your holiday dream come true! Whether it’s a journey to sun soaked beaches, a private romantic escape, or a fun vacation with the whole family, anything and everything is possible. 


At Q-breaks, we’re all about exciting experiential vacation packages. We offer everything from family fun to sun-soaked beach breaks to romantic mountain retreats; from adrenaline-pumping adventures to exotic cruises to heritage tours in far-flung destinations. With a mind-boggling variety of packages, numerous destinations and budgets to suit your pocket, Q-breaks is going to change the way you holiday forever!


We’re constantly searching to bring you fantastic holiday experiences from popular locations around the globe, all at the best value. Our packages are geared to help you escape, explore and discover! Not only do we offer exciting seasonal packages and fascinating new destinations, there are also activity based packages that include spa retreats, golfing getaways, history tours, cruises, theme park excursions and much more.
Q-breaks vacation packages have an average validity of a year, allowing you greater flexibility when planning your holidays. You can purchase more than one package at a time, so you have a variety of experiences and destinations to suit every member in your family.  Kids want a ski holiday? Mum wants a relaxing island retreat? Dad wants an adventure filled getaway? Let us make it all happen for you!  Explore Q-breaks now and change the way you holiday!